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Name: Levi
Journal: N/A
Contact: Already on file~
Other Characters Played: Zexion, Ceireia Shadiene

Character: Edge

Description of World: The medieval world of Eberron is a place of magic and monsters, where arcane energy influences the landscape and greatly influences the landscape and industry. Thanks to a mastery of the arcane arts, the great cities of the continent of Khorvaire contain skyscraping castles, elemental-powered coaches and carriages, and all matter of enchanted conveniences. Magic is industry across the face of Eberron, the innovative spark that propels society forward.

The advances and conveniences made possible by magic allow for effects that in some ways mimic technological marvels that didn't appear in our world until the 1800s. Something resembling a magical telegraph provides communication between two locations. An arcane analog of a railroad connects defined routes among the more civilized regions of the world. Magic exists to accomplish tasks otherwise thought impossible--if you can find the right spell wielder and you have enough gold to pay for the privelege.

The World of Eberron has recently emerged from a long and devastating war. The nations of the continent of Khorvaire were once part of a great kingdom of legend, the mighty kingdom of Galifar. When King Jarot died, his five heirs, each in command of one of the Five Nations that comprised the kingdom, refused to bow to tradition. Instead of allowing the eldest scion to take the crown, the siblings rallied their vassals and individually vied to take control of the kingdom. This decades-long war became known as the Last War, for everyone imagined when it finally ended, the taste for bloodshed and battle would be wiped from the face of Khorvaire.

The Last War continued for more than a century, with each of the Five Nations alternately fighting against or alongside one of the others as animosities and alliances shifted like the wind in the Shargon Straits. In time, other nations formed as deals were made and opportunities presented themselves. After 102 years of fighting, the leaders of the recognized nations of Khorvaire (which now numbered twelve) met at the ancient capital of Galifar to draft a peace. With the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold, the Last War came to an end.

Today, the nations of Khorvaire seek to rebuild and prosper as the new peace spreads across the land. While technically at peace, the nations continue to vie for economic and political supremity. Minor skirmishes break out every so often, especially in the more remote sections of the continent and on the most hotly contested borders. Espionage and sabotage are the preferred methods of diplomacy, since the nations engage in trade and discussion in public while working intrigues and double-crosses in the shadows.

[NOTE: The world, race and ability descriptions are mostly taken from officially published sources, including the Pathfinder SRD and the D&D 3.5 Eberron sourcebooks.]

Personality: Being a Warforged, Edge is an animated, sentient construct. However, this does not mean he is without emotion. He is constantly aiming to better himself at what he does best. Infiltration, sabotage, and assassination. Having been created for combat in the Last War, he felt somewhat disappointed when the war ended. However, plenty of job opportunities opened up that allowed him to continue his secretive trade. Every mission completed fills him with pride, every bit of gathered information on an opponent is a great accomplishment. He is also very curious, especially as to how things work. Edge is constantly taking devices apart and putting them back together to see how they operate.

Killing may be Edge's specialty, but he does have a soft spot. Being a Warforged, many humans look down upon him as merely an instrument of war, and should no longer exist, even though they were given their freedom. Finding acceptance in a society that abhors creatures such as himself is not easy. Edge is grateful for his freedom, but searched constantly for a purpose other than simply killing. Living in the streets of the remains of the capital, he somehow befriended a young homeless girl named Eleni. His first and only friend, and the one who gave him his name. She made him feel happy, even moreso than his occupation. Edge will go out of his way to provide for her, even giving up a large portion of his 'earnings' to supply her with food, water, and even a small house. If anything were to happen to her, Edge would certainly track down those responsible and make them suffer.

Although Edge is capable of feeling emotion, he has much trouble displaying it. Being mute, he is incapable of speaking or making any vocal noise at all. It certainly doesn't help that his face was built to look cold and emotionless to evoke fear in his enemies. His responses and reactions are mainly through the use of gestures, although Eleni has taught him how to read and write a bit.

Background: During the Last War, House Cannith created sentient living constructs known as Warforged to be ultimate weapons of destruction. Edge was one of many such creations, created within the last decade of the war. Immediately after creation, he could feel, could think, and could fight. In addition to his body made of many different materials, he was coated with a layer of Mithral. A magical metal that was extremely resistant, but also very light. This allowed him to move quickly, unlike many of his brethren who were coated in the extremely durable, yet heavy Adamantine. He was then sent off to fight in the war alongside his brethren. Armed with two small katanas, and a multitude of dagger strapped to his waist, Edge fought brilliantly, quickly learning which parts of the human body were weakest, allowing him to kill efficiently. It wasn't long before he began learning to use poison, and other ways to dispatch his foes.

Eventually, Edge donned a black robe taken from a mage he slew in combat, making himself distinct from some of his brethren, although some of the others had already created some distinguishing marks for themselves. He became a shrouded figure of death as he began to master the arts of dodging and leaping around the battlefield, as well as using stealth to his advantage. It wasn't long until he realized he was able to draw upon some form of magical energy. Using this energy allowed him to enhance his abilities on the battlefield, such as allow him to see easily in the dark, or to vanish completely from sight. Even when not directly on the battlefield, Edge focused on mastering these techniques to make himself more formidable.

However, all things come to an end, as the war soon did. Although the fighting had ended for the most part once the treaty was signed, Edge felt...disappointed. As if he had lost his purpose. When news reached him of his new freedom, he wasn't sure what to do for a while, and wandered the capital for weeks. Many of the humans he came across looked at him as if he were some sort of monster. In a way, he supposed he was, but he still desired some level of acceptance. Which he did find soon enough. Although the war was over, there were still plots afoot, and he was eventually approached with a business proposal from a nobleman. Edge would be paid handsomely to assassinate a rival noble. He took the job, and succeeded. The same noble hired him on several other occasions for missions, which Edge excelled at.

On a brief reprieve from the missions he had been constantly assigned, Edge took back to wandering the streets. He encountered a young homeless girl, who oddly enough, didn't run away at the sight of him. He was slightly confused at first, as most of the homeless humans he had seen ran away. She seemed to learn quickly that Edge was incapable of speech, and offered to teach him to read and write. He learned that her name was Eleni, and that her family died in the war. He felt a slight tinge of regret when he learned this. Could he have been the one to have slain her parents? He would never know, but it still bothered him. He quickly found himself attached to Eleni, feeling protective of her. Edge even went so far as to spend most of his earnings on supplies for the young girl, including purchasing a small house at the edge of the city. Here he continued his lessons, until he heard news of the noble who had been hiring him had been executed for treason. However, no one had been able to trace back to Edge, for which he was thankful.

Several months went by, as Edge hired himself out for reconnaisance and other missions. He didn't explain to Eleni what exactly most of these missions entailed, as he was afraid of scaring her off. He may be a killer, but he needed the money from these missions to provide for her. He soon discovered that Eleni was capable of using magic, which she practiced while he watched. He wrote that he wanted her to learn the Message spell, so that she could contact him whenever she needed to. He brought her home several spellbooks to read and study. One night not long after, a human woman with what appeared to be fairy wings approached him. He was needed to help in a distant land, one which he had never heard of. He looked back at the sleeping form of Eleni and wrote a message on a board. "PROTECT HER AND I WILL HELP." The woman nodded, and opened a portal, which Edge stepped through, but not before looking back one last time. This is where he will be taken from.

Abilities/Additional Notes:
As a Warforged, Edge has no need to eat, sleep or breathe, and is immune to sleep effects, paralysism disease, nausea, fatigue, exhaustion, effects that cause the sickened condition, and energy drain.

Mithral Body: In addition to the normal wood, metal, and stone components of his body, Edge has a coating of Mithral, a magical metal that is very tough, but very light.

Edge is a Ninja from the Pathfinder D&D roleplaying game, and as such has the following skills and abilities:
Acrobatics- Edge is skilled at tumbling, rolling and leaping about during, as well as outside of combat.

Climb- Edge is competent at scaling things, whether it be a rocky mountain or the side of a building.

Disable Device- Edge can tinker and disable many traps and other devices.

Intimidate- Edge's appearance alone is intimidating, but he may also use gestures and maneuvers to get his point across.

Perception- Edge pays close attention to his surroundings at all times, making it tough to catch him off guard. He also has faster than average reflexes, allowing him to react to danger before his senses would normally allow him to do so. (I'm counting Uncanny Dodge under this for now.)

Stealth- Edge has become quite skilled at doing his best to become one with his surroundings. Blending in with shadows, using things as cover, etc. allows him to sneak up on his enemies.

Edge is very knowledgable about the human anatomy, knowing where to strike to achieve maximum damage, as well as the use of poisons to disable his foes.

Light Steps: A Ninja is skilled in their footwork, allowing them to move across surfaces while barely touching them. This allows him to walk/run across water, lava, or even the thinnest tree branches without a problem. However, he cannot stand on these surfaces normally.

Ki: Being a Ninja, Edge has access to a pool of Ki. A supernatural inner energy that allows him to accomplish amazing feats. He can only use a limited amount of this energy per day, and must rest or meditate for 8 hours to restore what Ki he has used up. He has the following Ninja abilities that require Ki to wield:
Darkvision: Using Ki to enhance his sight, he can see perfectly in the dark up to a range of 60ft. He can use this ability for an hour before needing to activate it again.

Feather Fall: Using Ki, Edge is able to slow his descent during a fall.

Ghost Step: Using this ability, Edge is capable of walking through solid objects as if he were a ghost, for a short period of time.

Vanish: Edge can use Ki to allow himself to vanish from sight, as if under the Greater Invisibility spell for up to 12 minutes at a time.

Weapons: On his person, Edge carries the following at all times:
-Two Wakizashi katanas
-Ten vials of various toxins
-60 Shuriken

Advocate Note: Edge is not an advocate.

Sample Journal Post:
[The video feed turns on showing the face of some sort of metal humanoid creature. Although its face appears to be a mask, a light green glow emanates from the eye sockets. It pokes around silently at the 3STP for a moment, as if unsure what it is. After a few moments, it manages to type a text message.]

this is not where i should be

how do i get back

[It fumbles with the device for a moment again, before dropping it, allowing viewers to catch a glimpse of a black robed body, and the hilts of two katanas above its shoulders before shutting off.]

Sample RP:
Edge paced back and forth across the oddly furnished room. The beds he recognized for what they were, but the rest of the odd equipment around the room confused him. What were those tall metal things with the fluid filled sacs? What were the beeping devices against the wall? His curiosity got the better of him, and within moments, he was sitting on one of the beds disassembling a heart rate monitor and examining all the components as he pulled them out. Such a curious device, but what was it for? It was oddly quiet, save for a few more of the beeping things. There also seemed to be a lack of any life in here, himself excluded. Perhaps someone had spotted him and made anyone else run away. He was used to that by now, but it still made him sad.

Something caught his attention. There was sound outside the door to this room. The sound of footsteps were as clear as a bell ringing to him. He was outside of the territory he knew so well, away from his only friend. He wondered what Eleni was doing right now. It wouldn't do if whatever was walking closer destroyed him. Edge quietly ran over behind the door, drawing one of the wakizashi off his back, ready to strike if combat was initiated. Whatever was coming this way could also have information that he needed, which stayed his hand a bit. He couldn't simply kill whatever it was, he had to see it, listen to it first. And he waited for the door to open, the only sounds were the quiet beeping of machinery and the approaching footsteps.
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